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The ready product can be transported:

1) by car in jute sacks like big bag or in polyethylene 15-kilo sacks;

2) in bulk in specialized covered railroad cars.

Our 15-kilo sacks are neutral, i.e. not labeled. At customers instance and having his layout we can print the information on the product, customers trade mark and other information on them. The minimum order makes 9850 labeled packages, the production time is nearly a fortnight.

The polyethylene perforated 15-kilo sacks 65 mcr. sick are durable enough for multiple reloading. The sacks are put into the tray at the amount of 67-70 sacks and together with the tray are wrapped with soft stretch tape.

The trays 100x120 or 80x120 have all necessary labels and certificate of phytosanitary adequacy.

As a rule, the covered car may contain up to 21 ton of net pellets, i.e. 20 trays, 70 sacks each (with the weight of trays 21.4 tons) or 21 tray, 67 sacks each. The tray is fixed with fastening belts in the truck body.

It is possible to ship the pellets in the sacks like big-bag, also put in the tray. Such sack may contain up to 1000 kilos of the ready product.

We are ready to deliver the product to any European customer on DDU conditions or to sell it from the warehouse in Ukraine FCA. At your instance we are ready to make a tender, taking into account the charges for transportation to the specified place.

Beginning trade relations with a new partner, as well as working with regular customers, we would like to have sufficient guarantees the timely and full payment for delivered products. Therefore, we can offer only one payment option:

100% payment in advance.

Terms of PELLETS delivery
Terms of LUMBER delivery
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