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This product has many names . Two foreign names Wood pellets and Holz-Pellets (Holzpellets) are the most popular. In Russian it is called fuel pellets, wood pellets, europellets, but the most correct name is wood fuel pellets.

The wood fuel pellets are the standardized cylindrical pressed product made out of dried wood, such as cutting wastes and sawdust remaining after the operation of chipper edges, lumps and refuses of wood. The process of pellet forming is held under the pressure of approximately 300 atmospheres without any additives or glue. The length of pellets on the average is 10-30 mm, and the diameter is 8 mm.

The heating value of wood fuel pellets makes up to 5 kilowatt/hour (4300 kilocalories/hour), which is comparable to coal.

By burning 1 ton of pellets is released as much energy as the burning of:

480 cubic meters of gas
500 liters of diesel oil
700 liters of black oil.

Meanwhile the wood pellets are much more ecology-friendly than the aforementioned traditional kinds of fuel. Upon incineration of pellets:

the emission of carbonic gas is 10-50 times less
there are 15-20 times less ashes
there is almost no sulfur in the emissions

is a timber with non or partly cutting edges, with wane more admissible in edged timber.

Softwood trees, compaired to hardwood, has many advantages. The structure of this wood is very durable. It is very easy to process. Accordingly, the production is quite simple to observe GOST "Softwood Lumber" 8486-86, imposes rather stringent requirements for products. Also conifers differ stem straightness. Coniferous trees more resistant to frost and rain, unlike hardwood trees. When this wood does not lose its qualities quite a long time.

Sawn wood is a wood material that have certain qualities and dimensions, which are obtained by sawing logs along. GOST 8486-86 "Softwood lumber specifications" determines exactly the quality of lumber depending on the number of knots, wood structure, etc.
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