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In view of the fact that the company is located in the Ukrainian Polissya (region of woods) the basic breed for pellet and unedged lumber production is 100% pine.
The basic raw material for wood pellet production are the waste products, received in the course of pilling of practical wood – fuel and technological firewood as well as wood released as a result of sanitary felling and cleaning carried out by forest managers.
It is used the upper part of the trunk up to 3 meters and diameter up to 25 cm. Sawdust obtained from wood processing industries is also use like an additional raw material. In the course of sub-sorting the raw material with a share of blue color or mould exceeding 10%, as well as the raw material with traces of natural decay and its deterioration by insects, is culled. The permissible moisture of raw material varies from 20 to 60 % with regard to the time of felling and term of storing of the raw material in our warehouse or that of the forest manager.
The initial stage of wood processing is its cleaning from bark, i.e. removal of the part influencing with ash value of the ready product, with availability of tarry admixtures and other components, contaminating the product. None additional components, admixtures, chemical or biological additives are used for pellet production. The quality of supplied raw material is proved by certificates of firewood adequacy to fuel and technological standards as for the indicated forestry product.
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