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The diameter of our pellets is 8 mm and the packed density is nearly 700 kilos/m3. According to the results of analysis we received several laboratory reports characterizing the quality of the product. One of the repost was given by German laboratory ASG Analitik Service Gesellshaft mbH.

- German laboratory analyzes ASG AnalitikServiceGesellshaft mbH
- Laboratory testing

According to the aforementioned reports, the basic characteristics of wood pellets are as follows:

Characteristics ASG Analitik
Ash 0,483%
Moisture 7,8%
Net combustion value Q i (d) 19,28 MJ/kg
Sulfur 0,012%

Since the basic raw material for wood pellet production is pine, which after felling and pulverization is dried at the temperature 200-350°C (with regard to the initial moisture of the raw material), the pellet looks dark, not white.


Where do pellets use?

The pellet fuel is used to produce heat as large district boiler houses and heating individual homes in Europe. In large boilers in coal added wood pellets, which can significantly reduce harmful emissions into the atmosphere.

In general, wood pellets are used for:

- In the boilers and fireplaces for heating private houses; boilers housing and utilities;
- In systems of combined heat and power (CHP);
- For heat - energy;
- Cat litter;
- Locating and removing the liquid products in emergency situations.

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